Need to write a Business Continuity Plan? Consider BCP Builder

business continuity guiding light
need a guiding light for Business Continuity?

If you need to write a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) but don’t know where to start, may I suggest BCP Builder. Here’s why:

  • It’s an elegant way to build and then maintain your BCP. Used correctly, you’ll produce a solid BCP that will stand scrutiny. BCP Builder gives you access to an online template.
  • The site is full of valuable, targeted information written by someone who knows their field.

BCP Builder is not free. But it seems very good value considering the time and effort you’ll save. It’s a fraction of what consultancy would cost. There’s a free trial period.


Usually I’m not impressed by templates. I’ve seen many in the ISO 9001 space that sadden my heart. However, from what I’ve seen, BCP Builder has a well constructed and concise template. It guides you towards a valuable endpoint. Guide is important here. You still need to do the work in relation to your business. BCP Builder just ensures that you can focus on this with confidence that you are doing what needs doing. After all, you want to produce a plan for your business, not become a Business Continuity expert.

Building your BCP will be worthwhile in a wider business sense too. The template encourages an approach that fits with ISO 22301‘s context of the organisation, risk and opportunity, and planning in general. The exercise should be illuminating.


Usually I’m not impressed by PDF. These days, in the ISO 9001 space, if I’m given a PDF and told “here’s the QMS”, I’d be worried. However, for a BCP it seems the right thing. BCP Builder lets you build and maintain the BCP online, but deliver it as a single PDF. Perfect for this use case.


Due to my background, I recognise good content. There’s a lot of good stuff on the BCP Builder site about Business Continuity in general. Go judge for yourself.

no-code Perspective
BCP Builder is a really nice SaaS business model and solution. I don’t know what the technology stack is, but I’d classify it as a headless CMS. Very focused and purposeful.

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