Hello. I’m Rab. I live in York, in the UK. I work for a global software business. cloudmansys is my personal blog. It’s about developing management systems using inexpensive cloud platforms and no-code tooling.


I’ve worked in software houses all my career. In 2018, I was tasked with developing a QMS, and gaining certification against ISO 9001:2015. This was achieved. I also got us sorted for GDPR. This prompted cloudmansys (started in early 2019).

In early 2020, I assumed Delivery Manager duties alongside my QMS/DPO responsibilities, and in 2021 this has become my primary role. We apply Theory of Constraints to all working practices.

Prior to this, I spent 3 years as part time Quality Manager for another software house. There, I was also exposed to ISO 27001. So my involvement with certified management systems dates back to 2012.

Most of my career has been as a technical writer delivering online content. I clarify, organise and communicate content, often for complex information systems. Indeed, I spent 5 years working for a developer of business process software.

Management systems

I see management systems as information projects. They need to capture and communicate only what is necessary to meet objectives. They need to help not hinder, and truthfully reflect where they are being used. I enjoy developing solutions to management system scenarios. But they need to work. Prototypes are fine, vanity projects are not.


My main tool is Atlassian Confluence Cloud. I use this at work. Outside of work, I also explore what platforms like Airtable and Glide can do. See my Tools page for more.

I focus on no-code cloud based solutions. It makes implementation and maintenance simpler.


So why this site? For now, just to blog about management systems, no-code, and my work experiences. Potentially, I may try my hand at consultancy. I have no timescale for this. I’m happy where I am. Saying all this, I might go back to technical writing – I really enjoy it!


I’ve not done much on cloudmansys recently, but now that it’s 2021, I think I’ll pick it up again. However, my content is likely to be inspired by Theory of Constraints and Delivery Management in the software world, rather than ISO. Also, I’ll probably do more on the tools I use for website development – WordPress (this site) and Carrd (for things like missjaysewingcorner).


This is a personal blog, and the content must be viewed as such. Risks or opportunities inspired by cloudmansys are your own.

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