I’m open to the right tool for the job, at the right price. All are cloud platforms that you craft solutions in, as opposed to being solutions in their own right.

Atlassian Confluence Cloud

Wiki software. Great for building information based solutions.


A spreadsheet database combo. Ideal for things like Document Control, Risk Registers. Anything where a souped up spreadsheet shines.


Mobile apps from Google sheets. Beautifully simple. Free plan. Probably the most fun you can have in no-code.


Now owned by Atlassian, this task organising software integrates well with Confluence. I’m also a fan of Nuclino.

G Suite / Google Apps

Google Sheets in particular. There’s always room for simplicity. I use it at work a lot. For cloudmansys, I try to use Airtable. Just to see if I can, and to compare.

Tools are just tools

Management system design can be largely tool agnostic. After all, it used to be done on paper. And many places still use Word and Excel!

Finally WordPress and Carrd

I develop this site in WordPress. Despite many years developing sites for product information, I never used WordPress. As a technical writer, I used vi, then Robohelp, and, for the last decade, Madcap Flare. I don’t see WordPress as a tool for management systems, but it is a tool I’m now comfortable using.

Carrd is great for small sites. For example, I’ve done and using Carrd.