Want a portfolio site to present your craft or art? Use Carrd

missjaysewingcorner.co.uk – done in Carrd

My partner sews as a hobby. She sells foldaway shopping bags through Etsy, has a sewing blog, Instagram and Facebook. But she wanted a portfolio site focused solely on what she sells. For this, I’ve used Carrd.

Responsive site templates

Carrd is a website builder that focuses on single page sites. It gives you a selection of responsive templates. Some are aimed at portfolio sites. It’s very easy to quickly produce and publish a site. A few words, upload your images, and hook up your social media icons. The template guides you throughout. Carrd handles the hosting, and it’s SSL.

responsive design just works

If you are happy with a carrd.co address, Carrd is free. However, pay just a little and you can use your own domain. Paying also gives you access to more features and more templates. Currently, plans start at 19 dollars a year!

One click and it’s clear

You don’t have long to communicate what a site is about. People bounce quickly. Blogging targets people who share your interest. Buyers just want to see the goods. Portfolio sites do this, and Carrd is a great way to get one. If you are a crafter or artist and want a portfolio site like missjaysewingcorner.co.uk, have a look at Carrd. It’s one of my favourite no-code tools.

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